It was a paid trip of sorts… As it was an official cum pleasure trip… Official because my 15-day on-arrival visa in HK was expiring and so, I had to re-enter HK… The easiest way to do this is to go to Macau, which is about an hour away from HK (if u travel by ferry) and come back! I was accompanied by a colleague and a native of HK, Mervyn!

Now, a couple of really interesting things about Macau. It has a different currency called the MOP, but HK dollars also work! And, the biggest revenue-earners in Macau are the casinos. Yes! You look left and you look right, and all you can see are casinos of all shapes and sizes! According to Mervyn, the biggest casino there is about 15 stories tall and is called the Sands Casino! Gambling is encouraged in these parts so much (for obvious reasons), that there are free shuttle services from the ferry point to the casinos!!

Macau at night

So, then the first place we went to was called a Fisherman’s wharf! It is a huge mansion of sorts, with lots of rides for kids and dozens of games for the grown-ups. Also, u have a man-made volcano!! It looks amazing!! We decided to have lunch in some of the restaurants there…. after a lot of searching around, there was only one restaurant that served just one vegetarian dish Italian Pasta with mushroom sauce! They say, not everyone can make good italian dishes! They were so right!!!! It was YUCK! Anyways, i was hungry, so just managed to eat bits and pieces of the so-called-pasta!

After that, we decided to go to the centre of Macau, which has a few heritage points. The most prominent amongst those is the Ruins of St. Pauls. It just so happenend, that there was a church there and a college called St. Pauls Cathedral and about hundreds of years ago, it caught fire and now there are only ruins! But, it is still considered sacred.

So, then we went to the market, did a bit of shopping… Macau is famous for Chinese cookies.. I tasted them, but dint quite like it… but, the kind of crowd at the shop suggested that the ppl here are really fond of them!

Came back by the ferry… And it was good fun but m really really tired… and just dont feel like getting up or going anywhere today!