Ni Hao

Ni Hao in chinese means Hello. And Ni Hao will always be special to me… All through Great Lakes, I was known as Ni Hao. There could be 2 reasons for it. Firstly, my affinity to learning chinese and the second (and most important) reason being my name’s phonetics sounding a lot like Ni Hao!!

So, well… the habit caught on to me, and like a new born baby who is taught to respond to his new name… I learnt to respond to Ni Hao! Now comes, the funny part! So, I am in Hong Kong, China! And people here speak chinese… So, even though I cant make out the chinese sentences they speak, my ears are trained to responding to Ni Hao! And I end up doing it, every single time I hear Ni Hao! 😦

I guess, it will take some time to get used to hearing Ni Hao, way too often and not responding to it! 😕