Its rather silly… or maybe the kind of life-styles we live these days, it really isnt possible to brood over a loss or a break-up… No body is askin u to hang on to the past, but whoa! moving on in a matter of a few days, maybe even hours! Wow! Now thats what I call living life with an express speed! Where every second wasted in brooding, is possibly every second lost in the company of new-found love!

One of my friends once told me, “People never ever break up, until they have found someone else!” It sounded quite selfish then! But, as I see it happening around me, this harsh truth seems to be slowly becoming a reality! I just read about how Kareena and Saif admitted to having an affair! Within days of breaking up with Shahid, Kareena is already in LOVE with someone else! Wow! Convenient isnt it?

This phenomenon isnt new though! Remember our very own Aishwarya Rai? She always conveniently had a shoulder ready to cry on before “disposing off” the previous lover! Convenient! No time wasted at all in brooding…

One lover down, on to the next one in queue… This is the fast-paced life m talking about… Is this all a joke!? Can you actually “move on” in a matter of days and do justice to the new relationship! Or is it just a rebound? Something that Karisma Kapoor did when she broke up with Abhishek! Although, she went to this other extreme of actually getting married to this guy!!!!

I am giving all celebrity examples coz ppl can relate to it… Had the phenomenon been limited to celebrities, it was still ok.. but what is frightening, is that this virus is creeping into our lives, into the society we live in! Every now and then, you hear cases of breakup and in almost all, it is because either the guy or the girl has found someone else! I am scared now of what the future holds for us. I will not be surprised if with-in a matter of few years, emotions stop mattering to people at all!

We are slowly turning into machines!!! 😕