The world is indeed becoming a smaller place!!! When u move out of your own country, you miss some very small-and-seemingly-insignificant things, that formed part of the routine in your life back in your home country!

For me, one such thing was being woken up daily by a call from ma… She would call me up daily first thing in the morning and I would wake up with her voice telling me “Beta, uth ja”!!

I thought i would miss it in Hong Kong… but guess what!?????? My mom still wakes me up every morning, with a ping on GTalk… Yeah! 🙂 My going abroad, made sure mom and dad learnt how to use GTalk and call me! 🙂 So, my parents still wake me up every morning by calling me on GTalk 🙂

Somethings in life should never change! 🙂

And Thanks Google, for providing me with such an easy solution! 🙂 Three cheers for GTalk! 🙂

Hip hip hurray!

Hip hip hurray!

Hip hip hurray!