• You could go to any part of the world, earn as much money as you want, but your home country will always be on top of your list. 
  • No matter when your dad decides to give you the precious car keys, it will always be later than when you expected!
  • If you think you know what a woman goes through every month when she is PMSing, take that thought and throw it out of the window. You never could understand and you never will… You just are not made to understand it!
  • Pretty girls almost always end up with not-so-good-looking guys when they could have easily had the best ones… ever wondered why?
  • People, as a rule, are not satisfied with their lives… irrespective of the position or the cadre. They always have some unfulfilled desire.
  • Happiness is the most un-sought-after and difficult-to-attain wealth.
  • The single most frightening thought that comes in the mind of a woman frequently is the fear of being raped. This fear is more than the fear of death!
  • Adults LOVE to read comics… Though few are ready to accept it.
  • Given a chance, most of us would love to go back to our school, and will probably sit in the same bench we used to.
  • It is indeed only a woman, who can take hot wax, put it on her body, and then peel it off… every month!!!
  • There is always some part of your body, you wish you could change.
  • The best food and the most expensive food in the world can not beat the simple food cooked by your mom.

Enough bakar for the moment… More later 🙂