Yeah! M surprised myself… but I actually got involved in a street fight today… though it was an altercation and not really a fist fight, as one may have imagined!

So, this is how it all started… My younger sis and I were off on our Kinetic Honda, off to buy a couple of things… and while she was driving and I was the pillion, an exploding bomb (a fire cracker) escaped us by milli-seconds, in short, we were stunned and at the same time, happy to be alive…

Now, comes the interesting part… these guys were roughly our age, well built and they thought that our near-accident was funny, so with a smirk on their God-forsaken faces, they were ready to light another bomb… Sis and I got so furious, we parked the vehicle, and confronted them – they started yelling at us and abusing us…. While I was tackling the other one, I saw sis trying to slap the guy, who was now beginning to get more aggressive… though matters did not get out of hand from there as we noticed a policeman nearby… and called out to him….

Meanwhile, a crowd started gathering, and people started getting curious by what could possibly be the reason why 2 girls are having an altercation with those guys…

Now, with a crowd at our support and a policeman nearing us, those guys started sweating… so much so that, another guy nearby (who must have been their relative or a friend) asked us to not take this matter too far. I was stunned by his casual approach. Not only were the guys irresponsible, they were also brash… I gave him a stern look and said “There is no way, they are getting away with this.”

By the time the police waallah came, the guys had freaked out so much… they ran… and they ran fast, stumbling… kinda running for their lives!

Over all, a rather rough ride that was… It was a pleasure watching them chicken out though 🙂