Shahid has never been more adorable, Kareena has never been cuter. Ya, the movie is bound to make the tables turn in favor of the two lead actors.

Not only is the movie, a very cute love story… but the job done by the main actors makes it all the more likeable. Kareena is in an avatar never seen before… A chulbuli, khush-mizaz girl, who loves to dream and create havoc! And if you have hated Kareena all the while and not-going-for-a-movie would be an instant reaction if the star-cast spelt Kareena, then this is the movie for you! She is so adorable as the super talkative and annoying Geet, that she will make you fall in love with her… 🙂 Not to mention her character is so annoying, that everytime she would start talkin on the screen, my sis sitting next to me would say, “Take a good look sis. You are just as annoying as her” (Yeah…well… I do love talking… but… whatever!)

Shahid’s character Aditya is the stark opposite of Kareena’s. He is quiet, speaks when required and the typical “practical” industrialist, who thinks sapne dekhna (to dream) is all stupid.. and never helps u in real life!

The two meet and initially hate each other… But, just like all love stories, the hatred turns to love and well.. they live happily ever after 🙂

Whats good about the movie is: Its like a breeze of cool air on a hot afternoon! Right from the songs to the costumes to the story – Its all fresh and what you absolutely love about the movie is the sizzling chemistry between Shahid and Kareena. They have never looked so good together! When they r on the screen, you can literally see the sparks fly!!! When the movie ends, you kind of feel bad for the break-up and wish they were still together! Anyways….

If you loved Socha Na Tha, you will absolutely love this one! 🙂

A must watch!