Almost 10 days since i wrote something… but a bloggers mind never stops blogging… so, I may have formulated at least a dozen blogs during this time…. some have faded away… while some still linger on… will come up with them sooon…

Till then, a lot has been happening… a peek into my life in the last week or so and some observations…

  • I dont seem to be able to stay in one hotel room… changed 3 hotel rooms while in Chennai and 2 while in Hong Kong (whew!)
  • No matter where I go, I develop this perennial cold and cough…! Due to the change of climate I suppose, but it can get quite irritating specially nose-block which makes it difficult to breathe!
  • Had my fill of Indian food while in India… and yet, I am craving for more!
  • M tired of traveling… In fact, I hate traveling so much that I would willingly stay at a place for more than a month…! And I would do anything I can do to avoid travel!
  • Yet, I can travel as much as possible to watch Madhuri dance!! Like I did today… only to watch her perform in Nach Baliye 3.
  • What I need at the moment is a LONG break… and I mean a longgggggggggggg break – preferably spanning 2-3 months! – 10 odd days at home only make me long for more! 😦
  • I am tired of living alone to make a life of my own, a career! – I now want to live with my family… Alas! Thats not happening for some time 😦

Enough of sentiapa…. coming soon with another blog! 🙂