I watched Saawariya despite the flak it received from some people who call themselves “Movie critics”! Seriously these people should be shot for their lack of taste in Indian cinema, or rather i wonder if they have any taste at all… and well… some times I wonder who makes these self-indulgent and braggard people, Movie Critics….

Now, coming to the movie, it was 2 hours of pure bliss! A visual delight… Music to the ears, which have gotten sore listening to the cacophony people like to sell in the name of music…

The movie is like a dream which traps you and you are lost in the world… the world of Ranbir Raj…. the world of Sakina… the dream world, where you arent bothered about the era of the story, nor the coordinates of the place… its just the world, and the mindboggling sets, which are definitely the result of a super imaginative brain, add to its enigma!

As far as acting is concerned, Ranbir Kapoor has met all the tremendous expectations he had set. He does not disappoint even once!! After a long time, here is an actor, who acts from his eyes… His mere presence on the screen lightens up the atmosphere and every time he looks into the camera, you feel that he is looking at you, with those eyes! God! He is terrific!!! Sonam Kapoor is ordinary, just like you would expect a debutante to be!

I would go to the extent of saying that Saawariya is not meant for everyone! It is for those people who can appreciate beauty, sanctity, and purity in simple things around them! It is for those people who are willing to be transcended into another world… it is for those people who are willing to be a part of the dream beautifully created by Sanjay Leela Bhansali!

Dont watch it for mindless jokes and dumb action… watch it if you want to watch a poetry in motion on celluloid!

Comments from some more people on Indiafm:

I had a lot of respect for Mr. Taran Adarsh’s reviews but I am shocked to see 1.5 for a brilliant movie like Sanwaria. Please be fare and show some respacts to masterpieces like this one. It may not be as good as black but still a very good movie to watch.

Saawaria is a very beautiful movie!! One the best love stories I have seen in a while….I cannot understand why movie critics do not like them….It’s very powerful, and the actors are superb as well….

It was an awesome movie, hard to digest the ending, but my fav SLB movie. The sets were amazing, you never get tired of them…it wus a beautiful movie and must be watched by everyone

Its a great movie..Its a love story written in the canvas.. The picturesque scenes take you to another world..Bollywood needs some bold steps like this otherwise it would a celebration like OSM with its 32 actor song… A must see movie shows wat a film can do other than kisses and obscene body shows as in other films..

I think that taran adarsh has gone mad. I still remember that he gave BUDHA MAR GAYA 3 stars,whole India would laugh saying that 3 stars for such a stupid movie. SAWARIYA IS SLOW BUT A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE. I ENJOYED IT. TARAN IS A FOOL. NEVER WATCH HIS REVIEWS AND GOT TO WATCH A MOVIE. HE WOULD RECOMMEND YOU TO WATCH BUDDHA MAR GAYA.

Saawariya. Oh, what a master piece on celluloid. Is definitely one of the most beautiful movies made ever in indian history. Forget previews or reviews by biased media, have a look once.

Only box office success in not the criteria for a quality movie. A movie should have some art and this is the positive point of Saawariya. Saawariya is technically excellent movie with quality songs and good performances … specially Ranbir. At least you can understand each word of songs in saawariya. You can feel the story … nothing is imposed on you.

What echoes is….Saawariya. So, I have no idea why Mr. Adarsh gave this movie a 1* rating. I have feeling there is a certain bias towards a certain Mr. Khan. Anyways I’ll stick to writing MY review of Saawariya. After reading about a million negative reviews of Saawariya, I still wasn’t convinced so I decided to check it out myself. What can I say? I was pleasantly suprised. Hate to sound like a broken record but it really was beautiful. Every scene resonated with poetry. As for the issue with the whole time and setting of the story, if I remember correctly , a certain Gulabji did say it was sorta her dream. I mean if people weren’t trying to pick the movie apart from the get go, they wouldn’t have missed that important piece of detail. I admit the songs were a bit much but the fact they were all beautiful kinda makes up for it. Now, I can totally understand how a certain secction of the audience may not like the film. I mean it’s not your typical “Bollywood” fare. No masala, no big brand endorsements, no gimmick with 3100 stars. Saawariya is a simple story of unrequited love, a story that makes you realize that a love lost is not a life lost! Now, moving o to the “USP” of the film, our two debutants. Ranbir’s got IT ALL, the looks, the talent, and most of all that charismatic charm that can take him take him far. My god, his genes are blessed or maybe it’s hard work, but by golly he’s got what it takes. Cannot believe this is his first movie. Sonam Kapoor looks like what a breath of fresh air would look like if we could see it. Not like the recent crop of brash, gaudily dressed, pill popping, bar hopping, booze swigging army of wannabe starlets. Although, I don’t think her potential was fuly tapped. Nothing I can say about reliable Rani. She delivers the goods. Salman… he was ok…I guess SLB was going for the strong, silent type of personality with his character. Props to SLB and his whole team.

Beautiful composition by SLB. Enjoy every moment of it. When you already know its a sad end, you enjoy and feel for the hero’s longing for the girl through out the movie.

The film suffers from negative publicity!! The strongest points of the film are the fantastic sets, alluring music, the actors. While Om Shanti Om is a typical senseless bollywood masala, sawariya on contrary is sublime, different, heart pinching, beautiful. Sawariya is not for all, only people will tatse will like it! I am giving 2.5 to OSO and 3 to saawarya

Actually there are a lot more… I wish i could put them all here… The fact remains: Do NOT go by the critics’ verdict! The junta has loved the movie… Well… not all… but a lot… and I think if you havent watched the movie because of what ppl say, please give it a shot and you wont regret it!