Year: 1959

I cried… I cried like a baby, while watching this movie. It wasnt just tears, I was sobbing profusely… such is the impact Sujata creates!

Released way back in 1959, and directed by Bimal Roy, Sujata won the director and the actress, Nutan, film fare awards for that year. More than anything, the direction, the performances… it is the story that hits you hard.

It is the story of an achoot girl, who is reluctantly adopted by a brahmin family. The traumas she goes through, the trauma they go through and the subsequent change in hearts of the so-called oonchi jaati waale.

The movie was well ahead of its times… Talking of the curse of untouchability…. the way the downtrodden are treated.. the movie brought about the finer nuances of this social curse! You feel for them, Bimal Roy makes you relate to them and makes you want to reach out to them and help them some how… so much so that the Reservation mania also seems justified! The movie ends on a positive note and you end up feeling hopeful about the entire situation. This was way back in 1959. 48 years later, this still exists.. though m glad to say, the inhumanity has gone down and people have started opening up to other races and religions!

Truly the treatment meted out to these people, then and today, was gross and undignified and to contest it by calling it “God’s will”, truly atrocious! And to think of it, such people exist in our societies even today… they drink, smoke, do all that is supposedly immoral, but they will not commit this crime of being nice to an untouchable!

Gross! I respect Indian culture a lot… Its just things like these which make me think otherwise!