All alone 

Has it ever happened to you?

I am talking about an inherent need to not communicate with any living soul on earth. There are classic symptoms of withdrawal… So much so that you have this desire to switch off your phones and log-off from the internet.. You basically try and make yourself as inaccessible as possible!

It happens to me… And I have seen it happen to some of the most gregarious people ever – People who just cant stop talking!! And whats funnier is that you really cant pin-point a reason and say “This” is the reason why I want to be left alone! No! As much as you try to find a reason, you can not! It just happens to you! And most of the times leaves you bewildered… coz you know that you love being around people!! And cant explain your sudden need or desire to be alone! It’s a tough state to be in!

For those who cant relate to this.. Its something like a writer’s block… But with graver consequences… coz living in the kind of society we do… your sudden craving for solitude may not be taken very kindly by your family and friends who are so used to the chirpy you!

Whew! I don’t know wat this blog was supposed to convey… Just another one of my random musings I guess!!