I almost can not believe the whole load of shit that has been doing rounds lately… I thought the mania would die along with the super-crap and loads-full of shit, OSO’s release! But alas! The world will not have peace as yet! Not only has an OSO crew member, gone ahead and written a book about the making of OSO… the damn thing is being hyped almost as much as the movie was!!

To add to the torture, you have people quoting the book as

Thankfully, all the high expectations are met in totality, hence making it truly a collector’s delight which can be find a place in your book shelf at least for one lifetime. No pun intended!

Ahem! Correct me if I am wrong… but Collector’s delight!????????

Before that it’s the book’s cover (yes, this time around the saying of ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ is proved untrue), styling and overall packaging that makes you plan for three spare hours and find an isolated corner pronto to enjoy an uninterrupted, undisturbed and concentrated reading of this book which turns out to be as entertaining and as blockbuster material as the Farah Khan film has been in itself!

Kindly note: Uninterrupted, undisturbed and concentrated reading of “this” book!!!!!!!!!!?????????? Are you kidding me???????

Whew!!! Not just that, the critic has given the book a whopping 4 1/2 stars!! That, despite accepting the fact that the book suffers from spelling/grammatical mistakes in the text! Imagine what if the text had been typographically flawless, he would have given it a 5 on 5!!!

I mean I am so damn pissed! What the hell is the world coming to!???