I give up!!!

I have been trying different ways of blogging offline for the past 15 days… offline coz I don’t have access to my blog directly… I just write what comes to my mind in a notepad or I just write it as a mail and mail it to my personal e-mail id, from where I post it later when I go back home from work!

But its just not working… I mean, I don’t derive the same satisfaction from writing as I used to earlier! Blogging is like my recreation… and a tool to help me take my mind off from work! Usually people use their coffee breaks to go out, grab a snack and hang out with colleagues or friends. I used to use my coffee breaks blogging! Coz that’s what gave me the required relaxation! But, I have been robbed off this pleasure! I can NOT blog from my office anymore… they have just blocked wordpress, or rather not wordpress… just my blog! And yeah, well… nothing works… No proxies… nothing! 😦

Even if I tell myself “Ok! Chalo, let it go… At least you don’t have to give up blogging permanently… ” But, it does little soothe my exasperated soul… coz when I go back home, I have to cook and by the time I am done with the dinner thing, I am pooped out… its late and its time to sleep! This way my blog ends up being neglected and I hate that… The consequence: I go to bed every night with a heavy heart and that’s been affecting my health lately! This kind of routine leaves me only weekends to blog 😦

Hey guys, I miss all of you here… and I miss blogging the way I used to!

Any ideas anyone?