I always knew I was not much of a shopping person… which is why when I was younger, I would give all the baagdor of shopping to my mom… And since our choices match so well, it was great fun! 🙂

But not anymore… I absolutely needed to grow up and start doing my own shopping… So, well… I would tag along with my religiously shopper female friends!!

But, this on my trip to shenzhen, I simply lost my patience!! And I realised haggling for every single dollar and moving around with dozens of bags in your hands is so not my kind of thing! I like it better when shopping is done in a fast and impulsive way. Like I had mentioned earlier, I like it better when shopping is done in a giffy, otherwise I think its too much of a waste of time!

Dheela dhaala prolonged kinda shopping is so not my cup of tea! And that fact got cemented once more!!! Yeah I know I am necessarily saying the same stuff again and again, but what the heck! Guess you got the message? If you planning an elaborate shopping extravaganza, DO NOT invite me!! 😛

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