Aaja Nach le 

Wowieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! My Madhuri is back and Oh Man!!! Does she look stunning!!!!! She is not only gorgeous, the woman is a miracle – A walking, talking angel, whose mere smile can light a thousand hearts!!!

Spent a bomb! – 150 Honkies. But, It was all soooooooooo worth it…

A certain someone, of course, as usual, has ripped the movie apart and criticised the diva herself… Ok, never mind him… he doesn’t deserve so much importance… that too on my blog! 😛

Ok, now talking of the movie, the actress couldn’t have gotten a better come-back movie… The movie was all about her and only her! The other actors, including Akshaye Khanna, Konkona, Kunal, Ranvir, and Vinay Pathak were all supporting actors! There is a western song, “Dance with me”, in which she grooves to the western beats and as usual, does a fabulous job!

Then comes the baap of all dances in the movie, “Aaja Nachle” – the title song. I agree that the song has received a lot of flak. Its beat isnt good enough. The tune isnt good enough. The choreographer isnt good enough. Madhuri’s dress isnt good enough. But, the fact is, when it is MADHURI dancing to any damn song, of any damn movie, by any damn choreographer, it just becomes magical. I know one thing for sure… I don’t know when or where… but, this is the song which will be my next performance!

I really can not comment on the other actors in the movie much, because when sharing screen space with Her Majesty, they all literally faded away! You were watching Madhuri after soooooooo long, that you would find it difficult to take your eyes off her! Actually!!!
Her prowess as a profoundly talented dancer once again gets established in the song “Show me your jalwa”. It is an ordinary song which you would have otherwise hardly noticed, but for the magic of Madhuri. She has danced in the entire song only through her hands and expressions!! Brilliant!!!

My verdict: It is a MUST WATCH if you are a Madhuri fan. Else, there is nothing in the movie!!!