Like all women on planet Earth, I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE shoes!! But unfortunately, unlike with all women on planet Earth, shoes don’t seem to like me!!! I somehow have this perennial problem with shoes!! Something or the other is always wrong with my shoes… And the best part is, they seem “perfect” while I am still in the shop… and tears of joy can be seen gleaming from my i-have-found-the-perfect-shoes eyes… but alas!!! The dream is ruthlessly shattered the moment I wear them!!!! I never seem to find the “perfect” one! So, despite having around 10 pairs of shoes in Hong Kong, I need to some times spend as many as 5 precious minutes of my mornings deciding which shoe to bear the torture of today!!!

Its just so strange!! I am amused! Really! I mean, on my horrendous shopping experience in Shenzhen, the only respite was the fact that I was walking back home with 3 new pairs of shoes!! Wore the one I liked the most today morning… They are a pair of sexy looking flats in beige color! Oh! They look so lovely!!!!! In fact, Gargi and I bought the same set…
But, the fantasy was pretty short-lived… coz the moment I put them on today morning, something just dint feel correct! I told myself “Don’t you worry!!! They are your perfect ones… Stop being paranoid” And lo I went! Trotting on my way, displaying fondly my new found “perfect shoes”!! And that’s when I realised!!

Urrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! 😡

Some things are never meant to be and “perfect shoes” are one!! They just wudnt fit properly… They would keep hurting my toes and yet kept coming off from the heels. Weird!! Looks like finding the perfect shoe is like finding the perfect guy! They just don’t exist!!! Hmmmpffff!!!!