Sometimes u find weekends getting more hectic than weekdays…

This weekend was one such weekend… where u end up enjoying a lot but at the same time, u don’t get the time to relax (which acc to me is the whole point of a weekend)!!

This weekend started with a party Friday night and then a movie after that… Then woke up next day morning… As soon as we finished eating maggi for lunch, it was time for Trek… Actually calling the trail where we went, a trek, is an insult in itself… but considering the fact that we had gone trekking for the first time, we would like to call it a fair attempt for the first time… The trail is called Hong Kong Trail and stretches from the Tai Tam Road to To Tei Wan. Though I am quite positive, we dint go all the way to To Tei Wan coz we definitely did not travel 7.5 kms… The other girl in the trek and I were trekking for the first time and would get tired very soon… Though it was fun, since all the people with us were of the same stamina level and luckily we did not have any over-enthu adventurists amongst us 😉

To Tai Tam

To Tai Tam Reservoir

So, we trekked (so-called) singing all the way 🙂 What added to the pleasure was a great weather 🙂 A gentle breeze… with sun playing in the clouds… and the walk was on a trail which had mountains on one side and water reservoir on the other… Oh! It was beautiful!! It was like walking in a dream… Not in the least bit stressful!!


Then, after that we went for a desi dinner… ate pakka south Indian food (review coming up on that soon)… Even that was fun! Then after that went home… called some more junta home and had a desi party… Shyam, Gargi and I set up a play list of our own… and ghar me hi had a mast party… we danced and danced… It was awesome fun!!!! Uff!! I think I danced after ages… (I meant after navratri :P) and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun… I was tired after the trek but nothing can stop me from dancing… not even my feet… 😛 …

After that we watched a movie till 6 in the morn… then slept… then woke up at 930 to make Mutter Paneer ad my roomie Debi had invited some friends home for lunch… After that a round of foosball, then some card games, then after that it was Squash time… then went for some grocery shopping, after that ordered some food and watched 2 movies in the night… the first one we stopped mid-ways coz it was a romantic movie and we were in mood for a fun movie… so Baby’s Day Out won the popular votes and we ended the day with the movie…

Whew!!! 🙂 It was like back in college 🙂