Howard Roark Aamir Khan

The entire industry is in awe of this man. And he doesn’t care a hoot!!

He is selfish. Dominates people he works with. Runs away from the media and yet, doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind. Is intelligent. Does what he wants. While people are busy “buying” awards and doing “favors” to earn a good name in the industry, this guy refuses to attend any award function! Chocolate good looks and a razor sharp mind that connects with it. One of the few actors who works on only one film at a time.

When I think of all this, a person living for himself and not being ashamed of it. A person defying all norms and yet standing tall with feet firmly rooted to the ground. A man who knows what he wants! And knows how to get it! Only one name strikes my mind and that is Howard Roark. The fact is that I can keep on drawing parallels of Aamir Khan with one of the most influential fictional characters ever written – Howard Roark of The Fountainhead, written by Ayn Rand.

Howard and Aamir both 

  • Are brilliant and unabashedly open about it
  • Defy rules, traditions and “contemporary” way of working
  • Are extremely passionate about work
  • Are unwilling to compromise on the quality of work they do, even if that means scrapping the project totally and starting afresh.
  • Ignore the driving occupations of the world around them: wealth, status, regard amongst fellow men

In short, both can be called the paragons of Objectivist ideas…

And yes, with Taare Zameen Par, Aamir has done it again 🙂