Rakhi Sawant

I never thought I would say this… But, over the years I have developed a lot of respect and regards for honest and genuine people. I immensely respect people who have a clean heart… They show you what they are and are not afraid of being themselves!! They do not try to be politically correct… They are who they are… and they are happy with that… Such kinds of people are happy in their skin!!

One such person who had created a storm, a few years ago, with her sexy and lascivious dance moves in Pardesiya, is Rakhi Sawant… When she hit the screen some years ago and created a storm, I used to hate her… She was another addition to the band of Mallika-Sherawat wannabes… And this trend was increasingly and threateningly catching more and more interest of people both inside the industry and outside…

But my perspective changed totally after I watched one of her interviews… the girl simply stunned me with her totally unabashed, uncensored, uninhibited style of speaking!! She is a fabulous dancer, no doubts about it… Just yday, I saw her dance on the “Salaam-e-ishq” mujhra, which was made eternal by the dance moves of Rekha, in Nach Baliye 3… There are some such evergreen songs which can never be copied and if they are, the performers don’t even come near to the original thing in terms of class and perfection…. But Rakhi did such a fabulous job… I am sure, there is no dancer (barring Madhuri ofc) who can do such justice to the eternal King-of-mujhra… But more than that watching her dance, I love watching her… simply watching her antics on the screen is a sheer pleasure!!!

The girl speaks with such honesty and genuinity, she just captures your heart immediately…

Rock on Rakhi!!! 😀