He came. He saw. He conquered!

Yap that’s Ratan Tata for you! A person who is a killing combination of nerve, passion and humility!

Read a news item today about the man himself unveiling an auto-miracle of a kind – a small family car which would cost only Rs. 1 Lakh. And it brought back fond memories of a discussion we had with him some time back and his comments then about the small car.


We Great Lakers had a chance to meet him and interact with him in a small gathering last year and everyone was awed by this man!! Not just his greatness but also his humility and his willingness to talk to a bunch of dreamy-eyed 20-30 yr olds. Questions were asked from all sides and he patiently answered each and every one of them… The discussion mostly revolved around Tata Indica and the difficulties he faced then, and also the much awaited one-lakh car. Someone from the group asked him “How and why the 1-lakh car?” He gave a smile and answered, “I always wanted an affordable car by the Tata’s somewhere in the range of 1 lakh. It could have been slightly lower or slightly higher than 1 lakh. But, somehow this name “one-lakh ” got stuck, thanks to the media. So, now I have this challenge of fulfilling this aim.”

Mr Tata, you have rightfully fulfilled the dream!

Congratulations to you and your team! 🙂