Cupid strikes

I am sitting in my office in Hong Kong… As far as my eyes cover my floor, I can only see bouquet’s of red roses lying on desks all around. It is such a pleasant sight to see people caring about one another so much. Now, I don’t mean that you need to show in order to care, but I guess, the reverse logic is almost always true – that if you are showing that you care, then probably you do!

You could see delighted , happy faces all around and just wonder, what one day can do to the moods of people! 🙂

I was never much of a believer of celebrating “days”, as I believe bhaavnayein kisi din ya samay ki mohtaaj nahi hoti… But in the fast paced lives that we live, I think such special days have a lot of importance… coz at least on these days you pay more attention to your loved ones and make them feel wanted…

sad but true….

so, all the couples… have fun with your loved one 🙂

and all the singles, may you find someone special real soon 🙂