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So much for equality — March 31, 2008

So much for equality

Frightened girl 

Was having a conversation last night with a very dear friend. I was quoting to him one of my friends dads who wouldn’t allow her to work because she is a girl… And he politely responded “Haan, so whats wrong in that?” I was stunned! Shocked beyond wits… The friend I am referring to is one of the fairest people I have ever met… also practical.

So, I was motivated to think further on this… Do people in India really consider boy and girl child as equals or is it still a myth we want to believe!!?

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MCPsss galore!! — March 25, 2008

MCPsss galore!!

Husband beating wife 

I have a habit… Every time I visit the place I grew up in, I like touching base with the old maids who used to help my mom when i was growing up…!! I make it a point to do this every time i visit the place again, because i find it a very humbling experience. It helps me look beyond the cozy, comfy homes i stay in, the A/C cars i travel in and the plush offices i work in… It helps me stay in touch with the side of India, I am fortunate of having never seen nor experienced! Gives me another chance to thank God!

Every visit is enlightening in its own sense… It brings to the fore, the plight of women living in despicable conditions… trying hard to make ends meet by working as helps in different households. The visit this time was another enlightening experience…

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Casual Relationship – the IN thing — March 24, 2008

Casual Relationship – the IN thing

Was casually surfing through my favorite wiki, when came across a wiki page on Casual Relationship … took me a while to initially understand that a “casual” physical relationship is not just a possibility… well… its happening!! And the rate at which people are becoming “open” to this idea is indeed a matter of concern. The phenomenon is extremely rife these days specially in Post-grad colleges where the work pressure and stress of studies makes people get “close” to one another, not just in emotional but also physical terms!! At the same time, they are not ready for commitment, so they become “buddies” in broad daylight and yet “sleep around”!!!

A casual relationship may be part time, or for a limited time, and may or may not be monogamous. The term encompasses friendships between people who enjoy each other’s physical intimacy but do not aspire to be long-term, rather than parties who desire temporary relationships purely for hedonistic purposes. In each case, the relationship’s dominance in the lives of those involved is being voluntarily limited, and there is usually a sense that the relationship is intended to endure only so long as both parties wish it to. To the extent such relationship include casual sexual contact, the relationship is generally focused on fulfilling sexual rather than romantic or emotional needs.

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U, Me aur Hum – Not about the film this time… — March 20, 2008

U, Me aur Hum – Not about the film this time…

Was watching an interview of Ajay Devgan about his latest home production, with wife Kajol, that goes by the name “U, Me aur Hum”. The interviewer asked Ajay, why such a name. The reply that he gave had me pondering for a while… He said “the movie goes by this name, because that’s what my movie is all about… A relationship always has to comprise of these three elements: U have to be you, me has to be me and yet together we should become “we””

To think of it, it’s so true… 2 people get together to form a relationship. A relationship can never be driven by one person, or else it becomes parasitic, where one is feeding on the other, while the other is letting him/her do so. Such a relationship is bound to meet an end.

The end will most probably be in terms of the parasite fully vanquishing the other, or the one being fed upon, realizing this and freeing himself/herself from the bounds of such a relationship!

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The real taste of India… — March 19, 2008

The real taste of India…

Pani Puri Stall 

At the risk of sounding Elitist, I have a confession to make!

I have never had the road-side paani puri or bhel puri or sev-puri or dahi-paapdi or anything for that matter! Or rather, HAD never had any of those, until I ended up having some in the chat street opposite Vardaan Market in Calcutta.

The experience was absolutely exhilarating… And I ended up wondering why hadn’t I tried any of those before. The reason was this perennial paranoia that something will happen to me if I have any of those chaats! It was more of a mental block that I had… every time I saw my friends have those, I would wonder, “Arent they afraid, they will fall sick or catch some God-forsaken disease???”

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Jodhaa-Akbar – A decent effort! — March 17, 2008

Jodhaa-Akbar – A decent effort!


Usually a movie that creates a lot of hoopla and fan fare loses my attention quite early on. Jodhaa Akbar was one such victim! From the past 2 years or more, the movie was in news throughout… First for the star-cast and then for the unusual story and elaborate sets, and some times even for wrong reasons…About the director, of course, after Lagaan and Swades, junta had tremendous expectations from the highly talented director, Ashutosh Gowariker. He had been lucky twice… It remained to be seen, if he could swish the magic wand again!

So, while the industry and Ash-Hrithik fans were waiting with baited breath for Jodhaa-Akbar to release, I was quietly sipping tea in a corner of Hong Kong, totally uninterested in the entire conundrum!

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The cranky me!! —

The cranky me!!

I have always wondered how people handle “pain”….

Some how, I haven’t learnt the art of handling it too well… Sadly, all
kinds of pain, mild or strong, make me cranky… And that,
unfortunately, ends up having its effect on people who love me and hate
seeing me in that state!

I wonder if there are any better ways of handling pain. Humour doesn’t
help in my case… A bad attempt at humour just drives me up the wall…
Taking my mind off works some times, but for a much shorter duration!
And yeah, I kind of despise meds, so that’s ruled out anyways!

Any better ideas? How do you guys handle it?

The Kite Runner — March 16, 2008

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner 

[Disclaimer: This post may have some spoilers. So, please dont read the post until you have read the book or seen the movie. This post was due long time ago…it started when i was still in HK… and m finishing it while in India… so plz dont mind the time related discrepancies]

The Kite Runner is special to me in its own ways… For one, I had been wanting to read this bestseller by Khaled Hosseini for a really long time now. It so happened that I had once nearly picked it up at the Bangalore airport, but then decided to trade it off for The Wonder Years, which also turned out to be a pretty good one! So, when I knew that The Kite Runner was playing in a theatre here in HK, I agreed pronto! The second reason why this movie is special is that this is the first foreign language movie that I have ever seen. The movie is in Dari language with English subtitles and yet that dint even occur to me!!

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Have beauty pageants in India lost their charm? — March 13, 2008

Have beauty pageants in India lost their charm?

Beauty Pageant Winners 

I remember a time when beauty pageants were glorified to the extent that you would have trailors of these pageants showcased at least a month before the event… Off late, I was wondering where have these pageants disappeared!???

I got my answer. At precise this moment, NDTV Good Times channel is telecasting Miss India Worldwide.

Its really a painful sight. The contestants seem ordinary, though better than the ones we had immediately after the trio (Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra and Diya Mirza) won accolades for India, abroad and made these pageants a household name…

Sadly, the current status of these pageants is that, firstly no one knows when they will be telecasted… and secondly, no one wants to watch them even if they catch them live on television….

Such a sad state they have come to…

But, I dont understand what led to the downfall?

Burden of a legacy — March 11, 2008

Burden of a legacy


Does your credibility or intellectual capacity depend on the institution you hail from? Is the institution bigger than the person himself? So much so that you do not have any other identity other than the fact that you are from so-and-so place?

The other day I was chatting with a friend and it just so happened that he made a statement, which stayed with me for a long time… He said “She obviously is smart… She is from the XYZ”. A lot of times us humans erroneously use logic. This reminds me of a subject I had taken during my graduate studies, Symbolic logic and Logic Programming. For the benefit of all, in predicate logic, if A -> B, then it is not necessary that B -> A. Going by the same logic, It is ok to say, that “if she is smart, she will end up in XYZ”. But, saying that “Because she is from XYZ, she is smart”, is inherently erroneous! This is because no matter how tough or fool-proof the screening process, there is no test in the world, that can do full justice to human intelligence.

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Miracles do happen!! — March 6, 2008

Miracles do happen!!

He has to catch an international flight in another 5 hours… the airport is two hours away from where he is… he is still waitin for his boss to finish his meeting to ask permission for leave… he tries to book the ticket, but credit cards overshoot the balance… he somehow arranges for one and gets the tickets booked… now its just 3.5 hours for the flight to take off…. he talks to his boss in a hurry and leaves… havin traveled 20 mins towards the airport and away from traffic, thats when he realises he has gotten all his stuff but for his passport, which was the only thing he needed then… he rushes bac and towards the airport again…. adrenalin is on a high… he makes it at the nick of time… whew!

She wakes up late that morning… Is lazily getting dressed when she gets a call from her boss, who tells her with a stern voice, “I want you in my office right now”. She fumbles and manages a “hmmm….errr…yeahh… okkk”…. she puts some thing on, rushes to the office … to find her fuming boss shout instructions at her…. she manages to get some… leaves the rest… rushes to her seat and starts to work on them. She looks at the watch and knows that she has 4 hours to be at the airport. She does something and tells her boss, she will submit the work on monday. he looks at her and lets her go. she reaches home… suddenly remember an urgent bank work that needs to be done… rushes to the bank.. luckily it isnt crowded… its over in 45 mins… now she rushes back home… gets dressed… looks at the watch… its nearing 4, the time she had planned to leave. One last look at the mail and she has a mail from HR urgently wanting her resume in a different format by EOD. She panicks. Tries to finish it… but knows that it isnt possible… decides to take her laptop to wherever she is headed… somehow reaches airport at 430. To utter shock and disgust, she is told that she misread the time. the flight left an hour ago! she is stunned! and pissed…. so while she is trying to kick her own a**, she finds out there is another flight which leaves in half an hour sharp. She rushes… manages to catch the flight…

And they meet 🙂

Yap! Sometimes miracles do happen… Just like that 🙂

Morning Aerobics sucks! —

Morning Aerobics sucks!

Ok i was stupid when i agreed… Just that I thought Aerobics would do me good… And to wake up at 6 in the morn has been an unfulfilled dream always… So, I went ahead today….

Trust me, if you have done Aerobics before, you should try and never change your instructor. Coz I was not enjoying the exercises at all 😦 First of all, the songs were english and i hated that 😦 Secondly, I was using steps for the first time which i would keep tripping 😦

So, my eyes were on the clock throughout…!! 😦

What a waste! 😦 M not going back for sure… 😦

Unclean roomies???? — March 4, 2008