He has to catch an international flight in another 5 hours… the airport is two hours away from where he is… he is still waitin for his boss to finish his meeting to ask permission for leave… he tries to book the ticket, but credit cards overshoot the balance… he somehow arranges for one and gets the tickets booked… now its just 3.5 hours for the flight to take off…. he talks to his boss in a hurry and leaves… havin traveled 20 mins towards the airport and away from traffic, thats when he realises he has gotten all his stuff but for his passport, which was the only thing he needed then… he rushes bac and towards the airport again…. adrenalin is on a high… he makes it at the nick of time… whew!

She wakes up late that morning… Is lazily getting dressed when she gets a call from her boss, who tells her with a stern voice, “I want you in my office right now”. She fumbles and manages a “hmmm….errr…yeahh… okkk”…. she puts some thing on, rushes to the office … to find her fuming boss shout instructions at her…. she manages to get some… leaves the rest… rushes to her seat and starts to work on them. She looks at the watch and knows that she has 4 hours to be at the airport. She does something and tells her boss, she will submit the work on monday. he looks at her and lets her go. she reaches home… suddenly remember an urgent bank work that needs to be done… rushes to the bank.. luckily it isnt crowded… its over in 45 mins… now she rushes back home… gets dressed… looks at the watch… its nearing 4, the time she had planned to leave. One last look at the mail and she has a mail from HR urgently wanting her resume in a different format by EOD. She panicks. Tries to finish it… but knows that it isnt possible… decides to take her laptop to wherever she is headed… somehow reaches airport at 430. To utter shock and disgust, she is told that she misread the time. the flight left an hour ago! she is stunned! and pissed…. so while she is trying to kick her own a**, she finds out there is another flight which leaves in half an hour sharp. She rushes… manages to catch the flight…

And they meet 🙂

Yap! Sometimes miracles do happen… Just like that 🙂