Beauty Pageant Winners 

I remember a time when beauty pageants were glorified to the extent that you would have trailors of these pageants showcased at least a month before the event… Off late, I was wondering where have these pageants disappeared!???

I got my answer. At precise this moment, NDTV Good Times channel is telecasting Miss India Worldwide.

Its really a painful sight. The contestants seem ordinary, though better than the ones we had immediately after the trio (Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra and Diya Mirza) won accolades for India, abroad and made these pageants a household name…

Sadly, the current status of these pageants is that, firstly no one knows when they will be telecasted… and secondly, no one wants to watch them even if they catch them live on television….

Such a sad state they have come to…

But, I dont understand what led to the downfall?