Was watching an interview of Ajay Devgan about his latest home production, with wife Kajol, that goes by the name “U, Me aur Hum”. The interviewer asked Ajay, why such a name. The reply that he gave had me pondering for a while… He said “the movie goes by this name, because that’s what my movie is all about… A relationship always has to comprise of these three elements: U have to be you, me has to be me and yet together we should become “we””

To think of it, it’s so true… 2 people get together to form a relationship. A relationship can never be driven by one person, or else it becomes parasitic, where one is feeding on the other, while the other is letting him/her do so. Such a relationship is bound to meet an end.

The end will most probably be in terms of the parasite fully vanquishing the other, or the one being fed upon, realizing this and freeing himself/herself from the bounds of such a relationship!

At the same time, if two dominating people get together, there are bound to be clashes. During those times, the two people involved can reach an understanding where they mutually agree on taking turns dominating… But, even this isn’t easy and requires a lot of understanding…

They need to realize that to make any relationship work; each person has to be himself!! And yet, be ready to give away a little of himself to accommodate the other person. In this, you need to make sure, that you don’t give away yourself entirely! If you do that, you will cease to be yourself and when that happens, the other person has no reason to be in
love with you anymore, because he was in love with someone else!!!