Husband beating wife 

I have a habit… Every time I visit the place I grew up in, I like touching base with the old maids who used to help my mom when i was growing up…!! I make it a point to do this every time i visit the place again, because i find it a very humbling experience. It helps me look beyond the cozy, comfy homes i stay in, the A/C cars i travel in and the plush offices i work in… It helps me stay in touch with the side of India, I am fortunate of having never seen nor experienced! Gives me another chance to thank God!

Every visit is enlightening in its own sense… It brings to the fore, the plight of women living in despicable conditions… trying hard to make ends meet by working as helps in different households. The visit this time was another enlightening experience…

Spoke to two such ladies. One who comes to my house. She is about 45. Has a teenage son. Her husband worked in Mumbai and left her for another woman. I got a lot gyan from her and was actually stunned when she told me, “Its better to live alone. Get married only if you think the guy is worth it”!

Met one lady when she was sitting downstairs. I bumped into her and started a talk. Soon discovered that she had been divorced. She is all of 20. Had gotten married a couple of years ago. She fell ill… Used to faint frequently… the guy left her. Now she is staying with her mother and is determined to get well and marry some one “good”.

I admire both these women for the poise and effort with which they have moved on! But, this din stop me from wondering… what is the matter with these men?

The only light in this ever-darkening cave comes from the fact that these women are becoming more and more self-dependent and can fend for themselves…. but, ofc, that doesnt stop me from calling these men MCPs!