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2 Bakras to mark the auspicious day! ;) — April 1, 2008
Meme about Movie Quirks —

Meme about Movie Quirks

Found this interesting article on Minal’s blog. Its about movie quirks. And here are mine.

  • I absolutely love watching all kinds of movies and my first preference would be watching a movie in a theatre. Bade bade kalaakaron ko 21″ ke chote screen me sikod ke kaise dekh sakte hain 😉
  • I dont usually prefer going for movies in large groups coz then we invariably end up making a joke of the movie.
  • I dont mind watching a movie even from the first row, straining my neck!
  • There are times when i have watched a great movie and wouldnt mind watching it again sitting at the same place. Though that hasnt happened ever 😛
  • I cant sit at a place for long. The only exceptions being exams and movies 🙂
  • I hate it when people talk while watching movies. I hate unnecessary comments being passed. I find it a disturbance.
  • I dont know how to whistle. But, I know how to shout. And I love shouting and clapping when watching movies like Chak De and Lagaan.
  • I hate crying babies, people who talk loudly on phone and ringing mobiles in a movie theatre.
  • I hate having tall people sitting right in front of me.
  • I loveeeeeeeeee sipping coke while watching movies. Not much of a popcorn fan!
  • I can put up with almost any kind of movie. There is only one movie i have walked out of.
  • No matter how bad a movie is, I just cant sleep in the movie theatre!

Thats it I guess 🙂 I tag Lallopallo, Shuz, Sulz, KK, Nikesh, Anamika, Manik to complete its meme!