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Last pages of a chapter — April 10, 2008

Last pages of a chapter

Reading book

I am not sure if this is an idiosyncracy! But, I have this peculiar habit! I just cant finish a book completely… CAN’T! I almost always have this need to go through the last 10-15 pages in a hurried pace! The only thing in my mind then is to finish the book!!!

This is irrespective of the topic or the subject or any damn thing for that matter! There are no exceptions that I know of!!!

It comes to chapters when it came to subjects I was studying… I would always not know the end few topics of a chapter! I would always simply skip them! Still dont know why!!!

I tried a different technique once by starting a chapter from the back! But it doesnt work always you see! 😐

No, its not a sudden realisation! Its just that I have taken more time to finish the last 15 pages of Memoirs of a Geisha than the entire 500-page book!!! 😦

Does this happen to you too?

[PS This is my 500th post! 😉 Yay! 😀 ]

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