Some time back, during a dinner table conversation, one of my friends mentioned that he and his wife had already decided that they did not want to have kids. Ever. This revelation was followed by stunned silence by some people and hot retorts by others. In short, he was reprimanded for even bearing such an unthinkable thought! This had happened a couple of months ago.

It was only yesterday when Nita’s post made me realise that not only do such couples have a name – DINK (Double Income, No Kids), they are actually a community which is fast growing, both in India and abroad!

The first thought that comes to ones mind when thinking of such couples is that of being judgemental towards them. Firstly, its difficult to associate with people who do not want kids (Come on! Now, who does not want kids???). Secondly, outwardly they may seem quite selfish. They just want to enjoy their lives and not have any extra burden of raising a child! They are pretty happy just earning and living their lives! This is a strange phenomena that has started developing.

You can find comparisons of financial planning and investments for DINKs, DISKs, and SISKs here.

Some more such interesting Acronyms are:

DINKWAD – Double Income No Kids with a Dog
DINKY – Double Income No Kids Yet
YUPPIES – Young Urban Prosperous Professionals
MUPPIES – Middle-age Urban Prosperous Professionals (!)
NOKs – No Kids Couples
DEWKS – Double Employed With Kids (These kinds are “time-poor”)
SINKs – Single Income Numerous Kids (Almost bankrupt!)
ORCHID – One Recent Child; Heavily In Debt (Scary!)
SINBADs – Single Income No Boyfriend and Desperate (Jeez!)