I have seen a lot of people who are good singers as well dancers. But eventually most of them move towards dancing as their favorite performance on stage. Even though they may enjoy singing as much, when it comes to performances, dancing is what rules the roost.


Now, when I think of the reasons one may have for the same, the choice as dance becomes quite obvious. Lets us now consider two categories of performances in both: Solo and Group.

Solo Performances

When it comes to solo performances, a person who choses to dance will have a big edge over the person who choses to sing. My reasons for the same are:

  • A solo song performer may have two options: to sing along with orchestra or with out it. If the singer choses to sing along with orchestra, it needs a lot of practise to tune along with the orchestra, to set them to your scale, else the performance is a disaster. If the singer choses to sing otherwise, he has to be a really accomplished singer, to sing without any support and yet not lose scale, or go besura.
  • A solo dancer on the other hand has just one external parameter that may affect his performance – to make sure that the audio plays properly
  • Somehow the audio and visual both effects impact a human brain more than audio alone. So, even average dancers some times get away with more applause than good singers!
  • Singing is definitely tougher than dancing. You can always do away with being an average dancer, but singing is a different feat altogether!
  • A solo dancer does not need to rehearse a lot. She just needs to know the song she is dancing on, really well. Thats the only prerequisite. However, a riyaz is a must for any singer!

So, a solo song performance needs a lot of fine tuning and depends on many more external factors than a solo dance performance!

Group Performances

A group song and dance performance both need lot of practise. Dance more because a slight mistake in coordination and the visibility is much higher! However, in a group of singers singing together – if one goes slightly off tune, it is not very noticeable! And the singers can get away with it, without someone even noticing the flaw!