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Chalte chalte from Pakeezah — April 22, 2008

Chalte chalte from Pakeezah

A beautiful song. Meena kumari looks stunning but what caught my eyes for the first time were the two Kathak dancers in the backdrop. The chakkars and the chaals are mesmerising. Do watch the video even if you have watched the song many times, for the kathak dancers. They wont disappoint you! 🙂

Aayega aane waala from Mahal —

Aayega aane waala from Mahal

This song will always be special to me as I consider it a minor victory that I had over my own inhibitions. As a child, I was an average singer though I have a good knowledge of tunes. The reason being high notes, which were always a problem area.

During wedding of one of my maternal uncles, we were preparing for Sangeet. One of my mom’s uncles asked me to sing this song. I had to stiffle a laughter and I told him “Nanaji, I just shriek on high notes and this song has many. Lets choose a simpler song”. But, he just wouldnt have it. He asked me to start and as expected I fumbled. Nevertheless, he was adamant that I try. I tried a few more times and it din seem like that difficult a feat. He would keep giving me honey to soothe my throat which had begun to turn hoarse…

I tried a lot to convince him throughout the day. Btw, I had only 3-4 hours to do my riyaz, but he pushed me to go ahead and sing, and he would take care of minor flaws here and there with his harmonium.

Finally, I did sing this song and did remarkably well. Most of my relatives were stunned at the rendition of the song, specially those who thought I had more of a Geeta dutt type of songs ka voice. I used to deliberately choose her songs back then coz her songs needed more of style and less of vocal quality. My fav being Babuji dheere chalna

So, this song is the toughest song I have ever sung. I overcame my inhibitions about my strength, which makes it all the more special 🙂

Even though I know you will never read this, Thank you Nana ji 🙂