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We tend to react and not respond… — April 29, 2008

We tend to react and not respond…

There are innumerable instances where we witness a crime and to prevent it from happening again, instead of understanding the roots of the problem, we come up with a short-term plan (which i will call reaction), which helps curb the crime. But, it still exists pretty much and the perpretrators of crime, figure out different ways of doing the same thing.

The reason why this happens? 
Because we tend to react to a problem and rush to adopt the short term solution, rather than think over it and come up with something more viable and sustenable!

Is it a wonder then that

  • The Goa government rushed to impose a restriction on partying in Goa post midnight?
  • In order to prevent the gropers from molesting women traveling by Tokyo Trains, the government introduced All-Women Trains?
  • Mumbai government banned dance bars in mumbai?

Its so much more easier to just react to a happening and impose a ban or a restriction. What the policy makers do not realise is that this only fuels the fire, if nothing more. More and more restrictions only make people more rebellious determined to outdo the policy makers!!