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My prized possessions :) :) :) :) :) :) :) — May 28, 2008

My prized possessions :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


I now have an earring stand I have wanted for a longggggggggg time 😀

And my first ever mp3 player, the iPod Touch 😀

So so true… — May 27, 2008
Another one of those Memes… —

Another one of those Memes…

I really couldnt think of a topic to write on and then I saw it on Ish’s blog, Sulz’ blog and then Poonam’s blog… and I was like what the heck… lets do this one… 🙂


i am: A fairy trapped in the body of a human… Wat!?? U dint know?? Oh! Come on!
i think: I am truly blessed… in more ways than one! 🙂
i know
: that the next 4 days are going to be the most amazing 🙂
i want: to go on a longgggggggggggggg vacation
i have: all the raw materials to my life fruitful and worth living. Lets hope I manage to do that in the end 🙂
i wish: I could stay with my parents forever! 😦
i hate: inhuman humans
i miss: my childhood… craving to go to the school daily… and then crying if I had to miss even a single day!
i fear: God
i feel: Ecstatic at the moment… 😀
i hear: my alarm ringing every morning, trying to wake me up… all in vain! 😛
i smell: at the moment, clean but not fresh A/C air
i crave
: for a happy, stress-free life
i search
: for moments of happiness
i wonder
: why God created water blue and the grass green! 😕
i regret: lots of things… though I wish I dint have to…
i love
: all things beautiful
i ache
: for a longgggggggggg fun-filled vacation in a deserted island, with someone special…
i care
: for everything that concerns people I love
i always
: forget something or the other… 😕 
i am not
: an atheist
i believe
: with him by my side, I can conquer the world!
i dance
: a lot… Oh yeah! Thats one thing I cant get enough of 🙂
i sing
: when I am in a romantic mood 🙂
i cry
: a lot… yeah that too 😦
i don’t always
: keep talking… I like listening too sometimes 😛
i fight
: with my sister more than anyone in the world… and I absolutely love that 😀
i write
: mostly in my blogs…
i win
: all the time… yeah, I do 😛
i lose
: to win… Baazigar, Am I not? 😉
i never
: wake up on time 😦
i confuse
: people I want to confuse
i listen
: mostly to oldies… I have a firm belief that I was born a few years too late 😦
i can usually be found
: stuck to my lappie or snuggling in my blanket with a book in my hand
i am scared:
of the inevitable – something that has to happen, will… and that scares me the most! Being not in control of a lot of things around me…
i need
: to get back in touch with some people…
i am happy about
: the fact that life has been good to me so far! 🙂

I tag Maryam, Reema, Lallopallo, Anamika, Kanan, Anshul, KK, Amit, Nikesh, Jana, Alessandra, Minal, Prerna, Doc, Bikram, Laks

Anyone else willing to do this meme is most welcome 🙂

Back after a short stint… — May 26, 2008

Back after a short stint…

You guys already know I was traveling… I was traveling from Kolkata. Have been there before… And this time around as well, I retain the early impressions of the city.

For me, Kolkata stands for

Loads and loads of tiny lanes
Phuchka and amazing road-side chaat
Shiny yellow-colored taxis
Victoria memorial and Taange waale
Beautiful sarees
Ancient buildings which still talk of colonial times
Sweaty, Sultry summer heat
Masala Thumbs-Up
Really messy and dirty roads
A lazy, relaxed and laid-back city
A city which reminds you of India of the bygone era

Overall a really really dirty city, which defies its status of a metropolitan! All this apart, the hard-core Kolkatans claim, this is what makes Kolkata what it is! You take away any of that, and you would puncture the soul of the city!

[PS This was the reason why I wasnt regular on my blog. Got back just today and promise to answer all the comments soon. 🙂 ]

Welcome to the new airport of Bengaluru – Devanahalli —

Welcome to the new airport of Bengaluru – Devanahalli

I had the (mis)fortune of traveling on the very same day as the opening day of the new Devanahalli Bangalore International Airport. It is only 60 kms from my house!!! 😡

Here is a snippet of the new Bangalore Airport to the Bangaloreans…

This was inside the bus that took us from the plane to the arrival section of the airport. Kindly Note the fan like structure. This was just above the driver’s seat!

This is the view from the place we got down from the bus. The arrival section…

For some God forsaken reason, the ladies washrooms have shrunk… 😐 Do they expect lesser women to use the loo when every damn thing in the airport has blown to at least twice the size?? 😕

The new fresh trolley looks like this. Though there is a defect in its wheels and it has now become a pain to maneuver it… :O

Why is the new airport a pain?

  • It is 55-60 kms from the main city areas. It will easily take you 2-2.5 hours to travel one way, on a good day.
  • There are only two modes of public transport available at the airport:
    • Taxis – Pre-paid taxis are available in plenty. And they are out there to loot you. One guy asked me to shell out 1200/- for a ride to koramangala 😐
    • Volvo Buses – Volvo buses are a cheaper option. They charge only 150/-. The only hitch is that the frequency is very less – one per hour!
  • The time to wait for baggages to arrive has nearly doubled, as the distance between the baggage claim area and the plane has more than doubled and the technique continues to remain the same
  • Usage tax – The airport is going to charge usage tax for every passenger flying off from the airport. Rs 1200/- is already being levied on the international passengers.
Airtel Service – BAD, BAD, BAD, Really BAD! — May 19, 2008

Airtel Service – BAD, BAD, BAD, Really BAD!

My Airtel Broadband bill need to be paid. As usual, the bill got lost in mail and I had to call up the customer care to ask them for the bill amount to be paid. After a series of verifications, he finally told me the amount XYZ. I went to the Koramangala Airtel center (which is quite huge and houses around 7 employees to take “care” of the customers)

I stood in the line for 45 mins after which he told me an amount double that of the actual amount told to me by the guy on the phone. I asked him to show me the bill. He said, “Mam, I can only tell u the amount. I can not show you the bill. For that you have to go to the enquiry counter (which againt had around 20 people already in the line). They will tell you bill details.”

This would mean I stand in another line for 45 mins to know the details and then back in the first line for another 45 mins to pay the bill!!!!!!

So much for the service!!!

Here is another one:

I lost my cell phone today morning 😦 😦 😦 I called up Airtel guys to block my sim. They refused. Yeah! ThEY REFUSED!!! There is no reason for this insanity. All they could tell me is that you need to go to the airtel outlet to fill a form and then it will be blocked. Yeah! Right! Like the guy who stole my phone is gonna wait all that long. For all I know, I would have lost all the money!! Does that make sense at all? Airtel’s service is anyways bad. Now their call center people have also started misbehaving! The girl i was talking to today said in a rude and impudent voice

Its your problem madam that you lost your phone. You should now pay for it.

I was shocked at this response! And I wonder if Airtel should stop paying Vidya Balan, Madhavan and Shahrukh Khan crores of rupees and maybe invest some of that amount into developing better processes and training better customer service people!

This is what is going to sell their product, not fancy stars!!!

What you think is healthy may not be so… — May 16, 2008

What you think is healthy may not be so…

Check it out here

Found these items which form part of our daily diet and we think they are healthy, but is that completely true?

Here is the list of 10 items we think are healthy but are NOT!

RaisinsFruit Juices

GheeBrown breadCeaser Salad

Red WinePastaMilk

Calories intake

Fruit Juices: Shocking!!! Aint it? Juices take up very little place in the stomach, leaving you hungry and unsatisfied. They also lack the one important ingredient that whole fruits contain: fibre.

Raisins: Raisins are simply too dense in carbohydrates to be considered a diet food.

Corn Flakes: Lacking a decent amount of fiber, corn flakes fail to fill you up or provide a steady flow of energy. Go for Wheat flakes instead!!!

Ghee: 1 tablespoon of ghee gives you 115 calories! Need i say anything more?

Brown Bread: Not all brown breads are made of whole wheat! Most of them just have color as an ingredient! :O

Pasta: Nearly fat free but has 50 gms of Carbohydrate for every 200 gms of Pasta. Have it with some fibres like broccoli to increase digestion.

Margarine: You may as well have butter! It is high in Saturated fat.

Caesar Salad: A whopping 135 Calories for every 25 gms

Milk: A mere cup (145 grams) of whole milk yields a whopping 150 calories, 8 grams of fat and 35 milligrams of cholesterol.

Wine: 1 gram of alcohol equals 7 calories, making it almost as calorie heavy as fats (1 gram of fat is 9 calories).

Watch what you eat! More importantly, know what you eat!

Small things… —

Small things…

…make such big differences!!!

A small peck on the cheeks
A small flickering of the eye
A small smile on a droopy day
A small hug when feeling down
A small pat on the back
A light comforting touch
A small change when you are totally out of cash
A small word of appreciation

Some Most of the times it is only these small things and the small gestures that are worth so much more!!!

How safe is it to drive a car in the US? — May 15, 2008

How safe is it to drive a car in the US?

Lots of my friends and relatives in the United States of America comment how much easier and safer it is to drive in the US. There are lots of reasons given for the same: Most prominent amongst those being that driving a car is more economic and convenient as opposed to using public transport!

But after reading about Ruhi and the fatal car crash that 6 Indians had to face, the question here is…

Is it safe to drive a car in the US?

According to Car-Accidents, Car crash stats are:

There were nearly 6,420,000 auto accidents in the United States in 2005. The financial cost of these crashes is more than 230 Billion dollars. 2.9 million people were injured and 42,636 people killed. About 115 people die every day in vehicle crashes in the United States — one death every 13 minutes.

In 2003 there were 6,328,000 car accidents in the US. There were 2.9 million injuries and 42,643 people were killed in auto accidents.

In 2002, there were an estimated 6,316,000 car accidents in the USA. There were about 2.9 million injuries and 42,815 people were killed in auto accidents in 2002.

There were an estimated 6,356,000 car accidents in the US in 2000. There were about 3.2 million injuries and 41,821 people were killed in auto accidents in 2000 based on data collected by the Federal Highway Administration.

Wow! Now that speaks a lot!!! The thing to note here is that, the probability of a crash leading to death is much higher in the US because of the speeds the cars attain on highways.

The causes of car accidents

  • Driver falling asleep Estimates are that 10-20% of fatal accidents and about 5 to 10% of all car accidents may be related to tired drivers.
  • Weather It could be because of Snow or Rain or even fog.
  • Toxinated driving It is usually caused by doped or drunk drivers. There are about 17,000 alcohol related car accident deaths in the United States each year, this means that there is a drunk driving death every 31 minutes. Alcohol was a factor in 39 percent of all fatal accidents and in 7 percent of all crashes in 2004.
  • Cell phone distractions It is estimated that cell phone distracted drivers are four times more likely to be in a car wreck. According to a Harvard University study, cell phones cause over 200 deaths and half a million injuries each year.
  • Playing Music Loud music in the cars can lead to distraction and hence leading to car crashes
  • Collision with animals on the road

Can you think of any other reasons that could cause car crashes?

Be Safe. Drive Safe.

Joke of the day!! — May 14, 2008

Joke of the day!!

Joke of the day #1: My sis and I discussing IPL 😛

Joke of the day #2: She supporting Mohali, saying its the best compilation of the team!

{Point of be noted here… I am not contesting the statement, just the fact that my sis made it. She and I both know nothing about cricket!!!}



Kolkatta Knight Riders shine!! — May 13, 2008
ATM machines shelling out fake notes – BEWARE! — May 12, 2008

ATM machines shelling out fake notes – BEWARE!

I withdrew money from XYZ bank to pay my rent today. The landlord being a much smarter guy could make out that 2 500-rupee notes were FAKE! Yes, the same notes that the ATM machines dispensed…

How to identify a fake note

Hold the note to bright light. In the watermark window (the enclosure right above the Ashoka Pillar emblem), a Gandhi portrait will zoom into focus. Look closely at the finely-etched multi-directional lines, and at the expression on Gandhi’s face…  In a fake note, because there are no lines and no shading, it will look like a caricature.

See-through register
There is a small floral design on the front (hollow) and back (filled-up) of the note. You will find it bang in the middle of the vertical band to the left of the watermark. When held up against light, it should appear as one design. In a fake note, the design distorts since the printing machine can only print one side at a time. So, you will see two designs instead of one.

Tactile Clues
In a Rs 500 note, a circle-shaped mark in intaglio on the left of the watermark window helps the visually impaired identify the denomination. The shape varies with the denomination: Rs 20, vertical rectangle; Rs 50, square; Rs 100, triangle; Rs 1000, diamond. This feature can be imitated, but in a poor fake, the shape of the mark could be wrong.

Intaglio Painting
Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait, the RBI seal, the guarantee and promise clause, the Ashoka Pillar Emblem on the left and the RBI Governor’s signature are all printed in intaglio, that is, raised print. If you gently run your fingers over a genuine note, you can feel the raised print. Since intaglio printing is prohibitively costly, counterfeiters have not been able to reproduce it.

Security thread
A readable security thread lies to the left of the Mahatma’s portrait. On the obverse, it’s discontinuous with the inscriptions ‘Bharat’ (in Hindi), and ‘RBI’. On the reverse, it’s fully embedded with the two inscriptions appearing alternately. A real note should have a security thread that is silver and woven. In a fake, the thread stands out unevenly on the obverse and on the reverse, the colour is blackish.

Optically variable ink
The numeral 500 on the obverse is in colour-shifting ink. Much like disco lights, the numeral appears green when the note is held flat but changes to blue when the note is tilted. Notes issued before November 2000 don’t have this feature. In fake notes, the numeral’s colour will be pale and uniform.

Place the note under an ultra-violet lamp and you will see optical fibres and fluorescent number panels. The security thread too fluoresces (in blue) on the visible portion from obverse and as a continuous line from reverse. A fake note will glow blue uniformly; in an original, only the number panels and silver security line will glow. Reason: genuine notes are made of cotton pulp; fakes, made of wood pulp or paper, don’t lend themselves to differential fluorescence.

Best seen under a magnifying glass, this feature appears between the vertical band and Mahatma Gandhi portrait. It contains the words ‘RBI’ and ‘500’ in microletters. Rule of thumb: check for ‘500 RBI’ just behind Gandhiji’s ears. If it’s not there, the note is surely a fake.

Latent image
The vertical band on the right side of the Mahatma Gandhi portrait contains a latent image of the denomination in numeral. The image is visible when the note is held up at eye level and horizontally against light. In a real note, the numeral will show up clearly against the light. In a fake, it will appear as a shadow, diffused and vague. 

Hope this helps the next time you are trade in large amounts.

Beware of fake notes! 

[PS Btw any suggestions on what I can do with the fake notes I have?]

i-Startups —


i-Startups” is a platform for all those who find the buzz words “iNnovation” & “sTartups” as interesting. Blog “i-Startups” would cover some of the most innovative start ups taking place across the globe with an intention to provide “ears & eyes” to those interested. i-startups intends to become a one stop platform for any one interested in startups and would include a job section, news section, discussion forum and a platform to throw new ideas. Also, they are tying up with venture capitalists so that they can provide an engine for providing funds to the start ups.
The blog has been able to cover some of the most interesting startups in the first week itself including the likes of mGinger & Food King & if the hits are anything to go by Manik (Fellow Great Laker & mind behind this) is working extremely hard in not just the content but branding the website.
Seems like a nice venture – lets see if he is able to achieve what he aims to!
For lovers of Bengali food — May 9, 2008
Save the Turtles! — May 7, 2008