Its true that the camera doesnt capture everything. The best of the cameras in the world, do not show your true self some times, or maybe they do. There are only two ways for a person to find out how he looks – through the eyes of his own, or through the eyes of the camera! And what if there is a conflict between these two?

Conflict could be either ways – either the camera makes you look great (no one complains about that m sure 😉 ) or it just makes you look worse!

Now, the question arises!! Why the conflict? Does the camera lie or do your eyes? Does it depend on the light, the angle, the precision, the works that may make a photograph look good? Why are some photographers known for doing wonders with people’s photographs, while not-so-good ones just not tolerated?

It is a very frequent observation that people make “My photographs come really bad”. Most people are just not happy with the way they look in the photographs… What is to blame for it?

Is photography a talent? I am sure it is… Because I have seen some really bad photographs of flowers, which i thought was impossible!! I mean who can make flowers look bad!??? But, yeah… well… photography is tricky in that sense…

However, camera loves some people so much that they look great in every angle and pose?

Does this happen to you as well? Does your camera hate you or love you???