i-Startups” is a platform for all those who find the buzz words “iNnovation” & “sTartups” as interesting. Blog “i-Startups” would cover some of the most innovative start ups taking place across the globe with an intention to provide “ears & eyes” to those interested. i-startups intends to become a one stop platform for any one interested in startups and would include a job section, news section, discussion forum and a platform to throw new ideas. Also, they are tying up with venture capitalists so that they can provide an engine for providing funds to the start ups.
The blog has been able to cover some of the most interesting startups in the first week itself including the likes of mGinger & Food King & if the hits are anything to go by Manik (Fellow Great Laker & mind behind this) is working extremely hard in not just the content but branding the website.
Seems like a nice venture – lets see if he is able to achieve what he aims to!