My Airtel Broadband bill need to be paid. As usual, the bill got lost in mail and I had to call up the customer care to ask them for the bill amount to be paid. After a series of verifications, he finally told me the amount XYZ. I went to the Koramangala Airtel center (which is quite huge and houses around 7 employees to take “care” of the customers)

I stood in the line for 45 mins after which he told me an amount double that of the actual amount told to me by the guy on the phone. I asked him to show me the bill. He said, “Mam, I can only tell u the amount. I can not show you the bill. For that you have to go to the enquiry counter (which againt had around 20 people already in the line). They will tell you bill details.”

This would mean I stand in another line for 45 mins to know the details and then back in the first line for another 45 mins to pay the bill!!!!!!

So much for the service!!!

Here is another one:

I lost my cell phone today morning 😦 😦 😦 I called up Airtel guys to block my sim. They refused. Yeah! ThEY REFUSED!!! There is no reason for this insanity. All they could tell me is that you need to go to the airtel outlet to fill a form and then it will be blocked. Yeah! Right! Like the guy who stole my phone is gonna wait all that long. For all I know, I would have lost all the money!! Does that make sense at all? Airtel’s service is anyways bad. Now their call center people have also started misbehaving! The girl i was talking to today said in a rude and impudent voice

Its your problem madam that you lost your phone. You should now pay for it.

I was shocked at this response! And I wonder if Airtel should stop paying Vidya Balan, Madhavan and Shahrukh Khan crores of rupees and maybe invest some of that amount into developing better processes and training better customer service people!

This is what is going to sell their product, not fancy stars!!!