You guys already know I was traveling… I was traveling from Kolkata. Have been there before… And this time around as well, I retain the early impressions of the city.

For me, Kolkata stands for

Loads and loads of tiny lanes
Phuchka and amazing road-side chaat
Shiny yellow-colored taxis
Victoria memorial and Taange waale
Beautiful sarees
Ancient buildings which still talk of colonial times
Sweaty, Sultry summer heat
Masala Thumbs-Up
Really messy and dirty roads
A lazy, relaxed and laid-back city
A city which reminds you of India of the bygone era

Overall a really really dirty city, which defies its status of a metropolitan! All this apart, the hard-core Kolkatans claim, this is what makes Kolkata what it is! You take away any of that, and you would puncture the soul of the city!

[PS This was the reason why I wasnt regular on my blog. Got back just today and promise to answer all the comments soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ ]