I had the (mis)fortune of traveling on the very same day as the opening day of the new Devanahalli Bangalore International Airport. It is only 60 kms from my house!!! 😡

Here is a snippet of the new Bangalore Airport to the Bangaloreans…

This was inside the bus that took us from the plane to the arrival section of the airport. Kindly Note the fan like structure. This was just above the driver’s seat!

This is the view from the place we got down from the bus. The arrival section…

For some God forsaken reason, the ladies washrooms have shrunk… 😐 Do they expect lesser women to use the loo when every damn thing in the airport has blown to at least twice the size?? 😕

The new fresh trolley looks like this. Though there is a defect in its wheels and it has now become a pain to maneuver it… :O

Why is the new airport a pain?

  • It is 55-60 kms from the main city areas. It will easily take you 2-2.5 hours to travel one way, on a good day.
  • There are only two modes of public transport available at the airport:
    • Taxis – Pre-paid taxis are available in plenty. And they are out there to loot you. One guy asked me to shell out 1200/- for a ride to koramangala 😐
    • Volvo Buses – Volvo buses are a cheaper option. They charge only 150/-. The only hitch is that the frequency is very less – one per hour!
  • The time to wait for baggages to arrive has nearly doubled, as the distance between the baggage claim area and the plane has more than doubled and the technique continues to remain the same
  • Usage tax – The airport is going to charge usage tax for every passenger flying off from the airport. Rs 1200/- is already being levied on the international passengers.