These days in service industries, Cutomer delight is a phenomena missing totally!!!

A small time business man in Bangalore, running a small but clean beauty parlour,ย is an excellent example of how to make your customer delighted by the service.

Look at this:

With these L’oreals and Shehnaz Hussains coming up, what can a chotu Beauty parlour guy do to make sure he keeps getting clients?? Its difficult pulling clients from the biggies, and yet not impossible!! This guy shows how!

Most beauty parlour businesses have a peak period and even peak hours during the day. For the rest of the day, the BP workers have no work! This guy found a way to keep his force busy and also make sure that his customers are delighted! My colleague and her friend went to this place when there was no other customer to be serviced. They got a clean-up done, which would cost around 650/- each.

Now, this guy told these ladies that we have a hair-spa and a feet massage worth Rs 2300/- absolutely free for both of you! They couldnt believe it initially… And then it started… the entire crew got busy giving them massages and hair-do for free… And it left them ecstatic! One thing is for sure, these women wont probably visit any other parlour in the future!!

And what did it cost this guy? Maybe a few spoons of a cream! And the efforts of a workforce which was anyways sitting idle!

Man, I can write a business case on this one!! ๐Ÿ™‚