Sex and the city

Sex and the city was a famous sitcom, I never got around to watching. So, I wasnt even looking forward to the movie. And then I saw my office colleague all excited and pumped up about watching this movie. At the same time, I happened to see the poster of the movie. Thats when I decided that I will watch the movie… and see what the big hoopla is all about! And I must say, I wasnt disappointed… though the SATC fanatics say, the original series is much better!

The movie is about life and relationships of 4 women in NY CityCarrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon)

The movie starts with Carrie Bradshaw introducing the four characters and talking about New York City as a city where people come to find love (interesting!) and that two L’s that govern the life of women – Label and Love! Here label refers to Brand names! The four women are highly brand conscious! Not just them, but also an assistant who shares an apartment with three other women! She also carries a Louis Vuitton bag, albeit rented! 😕

Its a fascinating watch for anyone who has not seen the life of the people of NYC. Its quite fascinating to see career driven, power-packed and to top it all, loaded women crave for love! They have it in them to conquer the world, what keeps them grounded are their relationships!

Coming to the script, its nothing great! Quite predictable in fact! And yet, your heart goes out to Carrie when Mr. Big walks out on her on their wedding day! So, the movie manages to keep your attention! You know how its going to turn out to be and yet, you feel good at the end of it… So, I would call it a fairy-tale kind of a movie which is predictable and yet, makes you feel good at the end!

For all the romantics out there, here is something to watch out for!

[PS: The Louis Vuitton bag that Carrie gifts to Louis as a parting gift is absolutely hideous! Hmmppfff… so much for the brand name, I wouldnt even give it another look!!]