Apart from Sex and the city, I watched two more full movies during the weekend, both oldies: Kora Kaagaz and Boot Polish!

Both the movies belonged to a different Genre. While Kora kagaz was serious cinema, with brilliant performances, Boot Polish was a serious movie with shades of comedy and addressed the grave issue of poverty!

Now for their reviews:

Kora Kagaz

Year: 1974
Star Cast: Jaya Bhaduri, Vijay Anand

Kora Kagaz

The movie starts with Jaya Bhaduri and Vijay Anand getting married. Jaya belongs to a rich family, while Vijay is just a lecturer with high ideas and no money! They get married against girls mother’s wishes and then the story moves! The girls mother tries to help her daughter by giving her all the luxuries she doesnt want and as a result, just ruining her married life. Her man’s ego gets hurt in the process and he sends the girl back to her house!

The movie ends with the couple realising their folly and getting back together – this time vowing not to let anyone interfere in their married life!

The movie is well known for its songs and performances by both Jaya and Vijay Anand! A good watch on a lazy weekend!

Boot Polish

Year: 1954
Star Cast: Baby Naaz, Ratan Kumar

Boot Polish

Boot polish is a heart-rendering movie set on a backdrop of hunger-struck post-independence India. Two orphan children, Bhola and his sister Belu are raised by an evil aunt, Kamala. She makes them beg daily and beats them everyday, ruthlessly! The only sunshine in the kids lives is John Chacha, played by David. He is a booze-seller himself but teaches children that begging is bad! And you should use those hands to work and make a living for yourself.

This movie ranks as one of the best child movies I have ever seen! Not just that, it deals with the issue of begging in our country, which not many film-makers have talked about. The only other movie I can remember which was related to this was Traffic Signal!

This movie has some memorable songs like “Nanhe munne bachche teri mutthi me kya hai”… It is one movie which is very thought-provoking… the premise and the theme stays with you even after the movie is over… It deals with serious topics like child abuse, child begging and other evils of the society.

The movie ends on a positive note with a rich couple adopting the two kids and the final roll of the movie shows the two kids going to school to study further!

An excellent movie altogether… I would call it a must-watch!

[PS: This post is coming a few days too late…Work has been keeping me really busy…!]