[Photo courtesy: MTV Website]

I feel so disgusted… ever since I watched this show on MTV, called Splitsvilla! I think it is grossly demeaning to women… even though these women chose to demean themselves, for what??? 5 Lac rupees and a chance to host MTV show.

Ok, before I go on that path, let me tell you what this show is all about. You have 2 supremely arrogant and I-have-it-all-come-woo-me men(?) who are in the center. 10 women(?) are supposed to try and woo these men so that these I-am-too-good-for-you men do not eliminate them!

Now, how do you do it? Good question… Ask these women who have let go of probably the last iota of self-respect and shame that they may have had before they entered the show. They are ready to pounce on the guys and the women, by hook or by crook, are trying to draw the attention of these men to themselves… It does not matter whether they do it by dressing in minimal clothing or by dancing provocatively…

I am not kidding… You see these women begging in front of those guys… begging in front of them for their attention and these men rudely shunting them out…

What is the price they are paying for such public humiliation!?

Is the prize money really worth it?

Do you think its worth it? And yeah let me tell you, none of those women looked mal-nourished to me or deprived of basic amenities in any sense… So, I am guessing this is not the case of survival or perish for them!!!