After Hum-Tum, Ta ra rum pum and decent promos, Thoda pyaar, thoda magic was much awaited by adults and children alike – Adults for a glimpse of the crackling Saif-Rani chemistry once more and children for the four cute children, who promise a lot of fun and frolic.

Alas, the movie fails in both! Saif and Rani do not even remotely connect to each other. It is plain cold between them! And the children aren’t that much fun either. Most of the jokes are so plain, you dont feel like laughing. But, to look at the bright side, some songs are ok to listen too and the movie does have some moments of its own!

First things first, TPTM had a lot to match up to – Its uncanny resemblance to super successful movies like Hum hain raahi pyar ke, Parichay, I dream of jeannie and its inability to match up to the level of any one of them!

It is a cute movie… could have been cuter had watching it had not seemed like watching a million movies together. Does not have trademark style of its own. Songs are mostly sub-standard! Only a couple of them like Nihaal ho gaya and background score leave an impression!

Now, coming to acting, Saif is bad – He is supposed to be strict, but he comes off as awkward and very very expression-less. Rani as usual is good… sweet, effervescent… and does her job well… the kids are all ok… plain ok… ]

My verdict: watch it when you have nothing better to do! 🙂