Who is beautiful?

Did you know that 4 out of 5 American women say that they are dissatisfied with the way they look?

Beautiful is a term perenially associated with women! Women are “supposed” to be beautiful or else they feel incomplete and inadequate! No woman can ever be satisfied if she does not manage to garner enough male attention and well, to be able to do that, you have to look good! :-?

Cosmetics industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The reason? Very simple. They play with emotions. Emotions of women who already feel bad about the way they look. They would do just anything, ANYTHING to look good. Maybe its a need to be admired, to feel respected. Something tells these women that if they do not look good, they will neither be admired nor be respected. Which is so NOT TRUE!

My concern here is: Who decides what is beautiful? Is white skin beautiful or black? Is round face beautiful or square? Is a skinny body beautiful or curvy? Each woman has a different body type. And lets face it. Some women are just not meant to look skinny. But, this does not mean that they are not beautiful.

Someone once said

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

This doesnt seem to be true anymore. The eyes of the beholder have been smudged by the images of beauty as defined by the mass media and women’s magazines.

Not just women

To make matters worse, its not just women who are a victim of fashion and cosmetics. Men are beginning to become as vain as women when it comes to that perfect look, that perfect hair! The need to look good is no longer specific to women. Men are not behind. It wont be too long, before men start carrying men-purses (just to make it sound better) carrying their toners, cleansers and moisturisers! :D I was not too surprised to find many websites dedicated to skin care and hair care for men! :)

It may sound cliche, but its high time we start focussing on inner beauty more than outer beauty. Frankly, anyone can be painted and made to look good. It may need working on, but is definitely attainable. But, a good heart?? Well, that is something that is not so easy to get! :)

And you know whats funny? It is as easy to lose physical beauty as it is to gain one. But a good heart is there to last!

To conclude, it is extremely important to feel good about yourself. Do not get bogged down by the pressure the world builds on you. It is very important that you smile every time you look at yourself in the mirror :) 

So, just be happy and remain stress-free. That will give the kind of glow to your face that will put a thousand cosmetic creams to shame! :) :) :)

22 thoughts on “Who is beautiful?

  1. Even i’ve asked this question “Who decides what is beautiful” but finally got the answer.. The cosmetics industry! Its one of largest in India. The beauty pageants, competitions, ‘you use our cream and be an airhostess’ advertisements etc is polluting the thought behind beauty.
    The usage ‘ Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ is not true anymore. The beholder is influenced by all the movie stars and dumb advertisements.

  2. Sakhi says:

    *Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!*

    I still believe in this.. and you have come up with a very valid point.. and this “being beautiful” syndrome is catching up with the younger generation also… vulnerable age group is teenagers to mid twenties…

  3. Nova,

    Very true. Cosmetic Companies playing with emotions.. especially in Asian countries like India where fairness creams have become the order of the day… sad!!!

  4. There are two kinds of people. Ones who don’t give a damn about their looks, and the others who think the world runs on how good they look..
    You think about looking beautiful when you don’t have anything else to do..
    Being beautiful is all about what you think of yourself, and others of course(beholder) :D

    Just curious, what made you write this post?! :D
    wanna answer that? :P

  5. What you say is correct obviously and I agree with it. But I don’t think we’ll ever be able to see anyone’s inner beauty. We’re too judgmental about people. We don’t even give them a chance if they don’t look fairly presentable. How will we come to know about the inner beauty?

  6. well , yes its rather important to feel good … but the line “beauty lies in the eyes of beholder ” is a hting of past now..
    the very first thing that makes an impression about a stranger is how they look..
    sad but true.. :(
    and it would get only worse.. :(

  7. well i somewhat agree with you. i feel if you want to get into the latest stlye and be a fashion brigade with oh so feminine looks or the metrosexual look then just go to a salon and they will turn you into Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie……….but you will never have a caring soul and a crystal clear heart pouring love for everyone……..
    outer beauty can be polished in just 1 hr but it takes years of experience to beautify yourself internally and to be remembered as good human being for what you did rather for how you looked!

  8. Hey Nova,

    Beautiful look for your blog! Keep the good work up.

    Frankly, I dont think it is fair to blame the cosmetics industry for creating an image of what the world should look like. Its just another business and no different from Coke and Pepsi and McDonalds and KFC and Pizza Hut spoiling peoples health with junk food. They need to make money and they do what it takes to make money.

    Its upto each individual to decide how they want to go. As the last part of your post says, just smile, be stress-free and may I add, work hard and enjoy life, music, art, sports et al.

    As for the pursuit of beauty in whichever sense, I say: why not??? Beautiful landscapes look great, beautiful buildings look great, beautiful lakes look great. So why not people dressed/dolled up?

    After all, the world is big enough to accomodate everyone!

  9. @Xylene: Yes xylene.. thats so true! The thought behind beauty is polluted…!!

    @Sakhi: I would like to believe in that quote sakhi. You are right about the vulnerable group…

    @Arun: Sad :(

    @Sandeep: Believe me, all some people can do is think about looking good. I knew a girl who used to take 2 hours to get ready before college, while I would be catching up on my sleep, she would be up getting dressed!!! :P Actually a stupid beauty cream ad made me write this post :)

    @Reema: Very good post Reema. Change of mindset is the only thing that is required.

    @Ish: Thats sad na Ish and certainly not a good sign. It just makes people and relationships seem a lot superficial, which is gross!!

    @RJ: Thats an interesting question RJ. I have very different ideas of beauty. I dont put on any makeup whatsoever when I step out of the house on a daily basis. I like to be simple. I wish I had more control over certain things that happen during wedding. I mean if it were for me, I would like to get married on a far away beach with only family and close friends. But, I know that this is not whats gonna happen when I get married coz I will not be even asked HOW i want to get married…

    A typical Indian bride is not an Indian bride until she has at least 2 litres of paint on her face. So, I guess I will be standing on the podium looking nothing like myself and well, maybe even ghastly :( :( :(

    @Mysoul: True soul. Very true :)

    @Hunyn: I am not sure it is that simple. People who have never got attention are also bothered by their beauty!

    @Nikhil: Thanks Nikhil :) M glad u agree…

    @Arvind: Its getting worse already :(

    @Arpit: So true Arpit. Your that one pot kind of summarised my blog :)

    @Naveen: Thanks Naveen :) Yes, u have a valid point. But, most of the masses are more vulnerable and susceptible to influence, which is what these industries bank on! Lol! Are you comparing lakes, mountains and buildings to people? The most beautiful thing people have are their souls.

    @Solitaire: Nice :)

  10. RJ says:

    @Nova – Very smart answer, but not to my question:) I didn’t ask how you will get married, it was a simple question that will you wear make-up for your wedding?
    It appeals to me as you would because others would force you to. If thats the case God Bless you! :)

    I still feel we all know within ourselves what’s beautiful and what’s not. Everybody wants to look their best on their given day! What ya think?

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