… from where we left! 🙂

Saying that I am bad at keeping in touch would be an understatement. I suck! And I have always envied people who can do this with as much ease as is needed to brush your teeth! 😛 And I personally consider this as one of the biggest virtues a person can have. To be able to keep in touch. Nothing can be worse than genuinely liking a person and not being able to stay in touch with them. Its such a waste.

I have been to many places, so I made many friends. But, I have also successfully managed to lose touch with many of those. You tend to be in your sweet little world assuming things havent changed. Life takes over. And you get so involved in your little world that you forget that there is a world beyond. But life doesnt stop. All around you, you have people breaking up, getting married, having children, switching jobs… whew!

Life just goes on! 🙂

What probably remains behind are those moments spent with the other person which are so cherishable – absolutely unforgettable.

However, in the stage of life where I am in right now, the best part about the whole thing is getting in touch with old friends – people I lost touch with… It is absoutely wonderful getting back in touch again… It just transcends you back in time. Its like all those years never really passed. All those things never really happened. Feels like it was just yesterday when we discussed the latest gossip and giggled endlessly over nothing.

Last week and the subsequent weekend was full of fond memories and I was happy throughout 🙂 Got in touch with so many old friends. It was great – just laughing, just plain talking and sometimes even just listening!

It feels blissful to pick up from where we left 🙂 Truly blissful 🙂