This weekend was anything but good. Bad news from all over. First Bangalore faces 7 blasts on Friday, then terror strikes in Ahmedabad on Saturday, with 17 serial blasts spread across the city, resulting into 49 deaths!

If this was not enough, the next news was that of blasts in Jharkhand and live bombs diffused in Surat. All this within a span of 2 days.

The weekend was a bloodbath in which all the Indians dived. More than the existing casualty, the scare was “What next!??” No city, no area, nothing seems safe.

There are all kinds of speculations around – people wonder if it is political in nature or merely to spread terror and not cause any casualty! Which seems to be the case in Bangalore, but not in Ahmedabad, where the intention was to traumatize sick and grieving people by attacking a hospital!! This is not even terrorizing!! This is inhuman homicide!!

You know whats worse? People getting used to terror attacks! Since they know that no place is safe enough, they just dont care!! Saturday afternoon, Bangalore forum road was as busy as ever! The market places were as busy as if nothing had happened. The movies were running in the theatres. People could be seen eating out at the restaurants!!

I find this scenario more scary than anything else! Are we giving in? Do we not value our lives anymore? Are terror attacks just like any other car accident, where you hear of these accidents but still continue to drive your cars!

Look at Bangalore today! Who can say that it was impacted by terror a few days ago?

Its scary!!!