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Movie Review: Before Sunrise – Pure, unadulterated love — August 4, 2008

Movie Review: Before Sunrise – Pure, unadulterated love

Two people not too positive about love or relationships, having been through some that dint work too well meet on a train! What happens next? Before Sunrise is a story about one such couple!

The guy played by Ethan Hawke is an American who comes to Europe in search of his girl friend, with whom he breaks up soon after! The girl played by Julie Delpy is on her way to Paris when she meets this cute guy. He asks her if she would spend the time with him in Vienna, from where he needs to catch a flight to US the next day.

She agrees! And what follows is magic! They just get blown away!!! They realise that they can talk on any topic under the sun… They love talking… They love the silence between them… Basically they feel a connect they had not known earlier!!

And then its time to leave! They do no share each other’s number or contact. They decide to leave it to destiny. They decide to meet at the same place, 6 months later, on Dec 16th! And separate with that thought in mind.

Thats where the movie ends!! The viewer is haunted with multitude of questions – Will the couple meet? Will they get together? What will happen during these 6 months!? Wow!!!

The beauty of the movie is in its dialogues… Some really nice ones….

Jesse: Do you believe in reincarnation?
Celine: Yeah. Yeah, it’s interesting.
Jesse: Yeah, right. Well, most people, you know, a lot of people talk about past lives and things like that, you know? And even if they don’t believe it in some specific way, you know, people have some kind of notion of an eternal soul, right?
Celine: Yeah.
Jesse: OK, well this was my thought: 50,000 years ago, there are not even a million people on the planet. 10,000 years ago, there’s, like, two million people on the planet. Now there’s between five and six billion people on the planet, right? Now, if we all have our own, like, individual, unique soul, right, where do they all come from? You know, are modern souls only a fraction of the original souls? ‘Cause if they are, that represents a 5,000 to 1 split of each soul in the last 50,000 years, which is, like, a blip in the Earth’s time. You know, so at best we’re like these tiny fractions of people, you know, walking… I mean, is that why we’re so scattered? You know, is that why we’re all so specialized?
Celine: I don’t know. Wait a minute, I’m not sure… I don’t…
Jesse: Yeah, hang on, hang on. It’s a, it’s a totally scattered thought. It… which is kind of why it makes sense.

Its a beautiful movie about self-less love without any expectations! Go watch it to believe in it! 🙂