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Movie Review: Before Sunset – Intriguing and sad! — August 5, 2008

Movie Review: Before Sunset – Intriguing and sad!

After watching Before Sunrise, I couldnt wait longer and had to watch the sequel. The first movie had too many questions unanswered and I was dying to know their answers!!

  • Do they meet as decided on 16th Dec?
  • If not, who ditches the other? And why?
  • What happens during these 6 months?
  • Do they really love each other? Or is it just an infatuation?
  • Have they found other people in the meantime?
  • Do they get married?
  • Do they get married and realise they are like any other couple always unhappy?
  • Are they truly soul mates?
  • To what extent will they go to be with each other?

Well… the movie did answer some of these questions!!! And yet the end haunts you for a while!!! The process repeats itself!!! The movie ends on an uncertain note!!! There are many questions still unanswered!!!

Coming to the movie, its brilliant! The way they discuss… their emotions!! Trying to hide their feelings… and yet being able to connect… just the same way!!!

And yet, you are left wondering again!!

I guess director, Richard Linklater will come up with another sequel which will probably be named “In between sunrise and sunset” 😛 in which he will talk about what happens next.

Before Sunrise: 1995
Before Sunset: 2004
In between Sunrise and Sunset: 2013

Oooooo wow! Guess will have to wait for a long time before that happens!!!! 😕

Let me put a question before you all:

How do you think it ended?

Let the answers pore in… 🙂