Akshay Kumar is fast turning into a very dependable actor. With his excellent timing and great screen presence, he is one of the most sought after actors in the film industry today! With Singh is Kinng, we expected the actor to deliver another knowckout performance, but alas, even someone like akshay needs a great script to back him up!!!

The first half of the movie was good, it managed to make you laugh which was the purpose primarily. Too many twists and turns towards the end make the movie seem dragging, and the track of Singh is Kinng which plays repetitively in the second half makes you go dizzy!!!

Akshay is top class. However, (I still do not understand what he was doing wearing a turban, sporting a beard and wearing a capri everywhere (refer to the pic above) with his legs shaved??? ) Well… that does make him look… well… less of Akshay! Om Puri is another actor class apart. Both actors have a great sense of timing and deliver their scenes with perfection. Kirron Kher is wasted. She has practically no role. Her angle in the movie was unnecessary! Katrina Kaif does what she does best – look good. She is not expected to do anything more than that and she does not! Ranvir sheorey’s character is a good diversion from what he usually does. He seems to be at ease in this portrayal. Javed Jaffrey is ok.

Music by Pritam is below average. The title song gets on your nerves after a while. Bad attempt over all.

A little better editing could have saved the movie a great deal. Towards the end it becomes intolerable. That part could have been avoided by cutting it short by a good half an hour!

An avoidable movie. Watch it for Akshay and too only the first half!