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What is a happy ending??? — August 14, 2008

What is a happy ending???

It was fun reading all your comments on the question I had posed in this blog 🙂

What struck me was that most of you thought in one way: That if Jesse and Celine get together after the movie, it is a Happy Ending!

My question here is: Is it?

Will their getting together mean a happy ending?? Maybe not. Maybe they will end up like the way Jesse and Celine comment in Before Sunrise, that

Celine: I dont think I know any happy couples
Jesse: I think I do…. But I think they lie to each other

Is it true? Maybe… So, maybe the real beauty of their relationship was the fact that they had only good memories of each other. There was no bitterness, no fight, no negative emotion. Only and only good memories to share and think of. This is the exact reason why they still craved and longed for each other!! 🙂 There is no such thing as ultimate bliss. Everything shows its real face after a while when you start getting closer or start analysing more than needed! With their relationship, they were spared of it totally 🙂

So, the point now really is…

“What is a happy ending?”

Their ending up together or growing old away from each other but with truck loads of happy memories!!???

I would want them to go back to their lives, living them the way they were… 🙂

Ideas anyone? 🙂